L&W Fab 1K/TURBO/RS1- Rear Radius Rods

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The lowers are High clearance and always come Direct Bolt.

The Direct Bolt Uppers come with no adjustment as they are direct fit. 

The 1 Heim Uppers come with a Right hand heim on one end of each rod for adjustability if needed. 

The 2 Heim Uppers come with both a Left and Right Hand heim on each end of the rod for adjustability if needed. 

*Adjustable uppers are usually necessary to correct any camber issues that you may have or experience on your machine.  Most times if you plan to change tender springs, or if you are running a bigger set up (portals, lifts, changing ride height most times will cause +/- camber that you will need to correct with adjustable uppers.) 

PLEASE NOTE THAT IF YOU HAVE GEN3 SUPERATV PORTALS YOU WILL NEED TO PURCHASE THE UPPER ADJUSTABLE RADIUS RODS (1 HEIM or 2 HEIM) in order for your suspension to have enough room to travel without busting the portal bracket ear. 

They are 6061 Aluminum, and made in the USA. 

These Radius Rods hold a Lifetime Warranty. 

Does not include radius plate



10mm is for year models 2014 to early 2017

12mm is for year models Late 2017-Current

If your year model falls in the mid 2017 range, you can determine your bolt size by the socket size. If the socket is 15mm, then you will need a 10mm bolt. If it is a 18mm, then you will need the 12mm bolt.