Misfit Garage RZR Turbo R Adjustable Rear Toe Link Kit W/ Proper Bolts

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This is our newest product in our RZR line, our rear toe links! This fits the TURBO R ONLY. This is a direct bolt on replacement, and can be adjusted without having to remove either end of the toe link. DONT KEEP LETTING YOUR REAR END GET KNOCKED OUT OF ALIGNMENT EVERY TIME YOU HIT SOMETHING A LITTLE HARDER THAN YOU EXPECTED! Run a toe link that doesn’t use those silly alignment washers! 

***We have found that those who are running HCR suspension kits, with or possibly even without Super ATV Portals have a real issue where the stock toe link does not have enough adjustment to get the rear alignment set correctly! Our toe link is the perfect fox for that along with adding a tremendous amount of strength to your rear suspension setup!***

Our toe link has a Chromoly weld insert with a JMX12T F1 fit 3 piece Chromoly 3/4” heim on one end, with Stainless Misalignment spacers! The bungs are all Tig welded along with a double rosette weld for added strength. The other side has a full billet & hardened threaded clevis! 

If you’ve seen our bolt kits you know that all of the OEM bolts are wrong on these cars! The only suspension bolts that are not currently in our kit are the 2 toe link bolts! Which is why we will now be offering the correct shank length bolts with our Toe Links! All of our bolts are Grade 10.9 and are paired with hardened high carbon washers & all metal top locking stover nuts! 


To adjust just simply break loose both jam nuts and spin one way to extend the link or the opposite way to shorten it! No more silly strange shaped washer that changes your toe every time you hit a hole too hard or jump your UTV! Just set it once and you’re good to go! 


Typical lead time for Tig welded products is 2-3 days. But usually will be sooner than that!