Sandcraft RZR Pro R - Turbo R Lower Ball Joints Bomb Proof C13230210

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SANDCRAFT has solved the PRO-R Lower Ball Joint issue. This product was designed to maximize performance and reliability to levels not seen anywhere else on the market. Every component has been re-engineered and machined in house. We use the best hardened steel components that will keep up with even the most extreme driving conditions. The SANDCRAFT kit has 14.8% more operating angle and features a stud that is 28% thicker at the threads than OE.

  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE AND GREASEABLE – Our beefy set screw and grease zerk give you full flexibility and adjustability for all fitments.
  • NUT AND COTTER PIN – The New SANDCRAFT Hardened Steel Nut design improves and strengthens every measurable aspect of this component from the tapered fit to the knuckle air-gap delete. The added cotter pin allows for anti dislocation in a non stressed area.
  • TAPERED FIT TO BALL JOINT – The Tapered Flange Nut is designed to nest into and encase the ball joint sleeve. This nesting moves past the threads, strengthening the weakest point in all shafts where the threads begin. The taper of the ball joint stud continues THROUGH the knuckle for 100% engagement.
  • BALL JOINT STUD – Our ball joint stud is 28% thicker than stock, made of hardened steel. Our ball head and shoulder mate perfectly with the Delrin isolator and joint saddle.
  • M42 CUP – The Ball Joint design increases the stock operating angle from 28o to 32.5o. The suspension bumps at 30 so our Ball Joint flexibility extends well beyond full bump. This extreme increase in operating angle vastly improves performance and reliability. The cup includes a recessed boot groove to keep contaminants out.
  • NESTING JOINT SADDLE – The self lubricating ball isolator cup provides a long lasting seat for the ball joint that has self lubricating properties that allow for a sealed structure. Once greased, they require no more attention.
  • M42 HEX CAP – Hardened steel custom machined head cap is designed to encase the machined ball isolator. This design is greaseable and features a beefy center set screw.

Limited Lifetime Warranty – SANDCRAFT warranties this product against defects in materials and workmanship for life with the exception of wear and tear on the rubber boot cover.


PN: C13230210