Blog - Mods and upgrades on the RZR Turbo R Part 1

Blog - Mods and upgrades on the RZR Turbo R Part 1

I picked up a 2022 RZR Turbo R Ultimate in Onyx Black at Straub's Powersports in Great Bend Kansas on July 7th 2022.  In this post I'll document the first round of mods and upgrades.


New unit day! 

2022 RZR Turbo R Ultimate Dynamix in Onyx Black

The machine was barely off of the trailer and we already had a set of 35" EFX Motoravage XL tires mounted on Pro Armor Rath beadlock wheels ready to go on.  At the time, there weren't a lot of wheel options available in the 5 on 4.5 bolt pattern for the new Pro R and Turbo R.  There were even fewer options in stock.  We also wanted to stick with a 6+1 offset to keep the machine from getting any wider than the advertised 74" stock width.  The Raths checked all of those boxes and look really good too.  We were pleased to learn that they measure a full 35-1/4" inflated.  They of course are a little under 35" with the weight of the car on them but that depends on how much air you put in them too.  We typically run 14 psi in the summer and 11-12psi in the winter here in the Rockies.  

EFX Motoravage XL 35x10R15

35" EFX Motoravage XL

In addition to pre-ordering the wheel and tire package, we also ordered a few other necessities.  Seizmik Pursuit mirrors were on that list of necessities.  It's hard to beat their no questions asked lifetime replacement warranty.  Regardless of the mirrors you choose, make sure they are convex.  Flat mirrors on a UTV are borderline useless due to the limited field of view.  

Seizmik Pursuit Mirror

For the center rear view mirror, we chose the Axia Alloys 9" Panoramic mirror.  The Polaris mirror would be a little easier to mount but with a little drilling and tapping in the factory mirror mount, we had the mirror in with a clean looking install.

Axia Alloys 9" Panoramic Mirror

Axia Alloys 9" Panoramic Mirror

 You would think for the price tag on this machine, it would include the rear speakers too, and on the 4 seater versions of this RZR, Polaris does include them.  We did a little digging and found some Polaris knock off rear speaker enclosures on Amazon from SAUTV.  We also managed to find a few positive reviews of the Polk Audio DB652 Marine 6.5" Coax speakers.  The brackets needed a little trimming to fit correctly but otherwise the combo worked out.  Through some research we had learned that the connectors and wiring to the factory amp were already in place which made the install pretty easy.  Unfortunately the pig tail on the speaker enclosure wasn't correct for the pre wired speaker wires. You can cut off the plug that came on the enclosure kit and connect the Doorman PN:91441 to plug straight in to the factory wiring.

We had to cut off the SAUTV pig tail that inexplicably did not fit the factory speaker wiring.  Here is the Dorman unit spliced on.

The Polk speakers came with some logo stickers so we stuck them on the enclosures.  

Polk DB652 in SAUTVS RZR Pro Rear Speaker Enclosure

 Another essential in our opinion are the PRP combo door bags with knee pads.  The extra storage is great but we now know the knee pads are indispensable with how much they add to driver comfort.

PRP Pro XP Turbo R Door Bag and Knee pad


The last item in our first round of mods is the windshield.  In Colorado, even in the dead of summer, temperatures can drop quickly in the high altitudes of the Rocky mountains.  We've seen snow here in all sorts of months snow should not exist.  For that reason, a windshield is a must.  We chose the UTVZilla vented glass windshield for our Turbo R.  With a price well south of $500 shipped, the value for this full glass windshield is difficult to beat.  The full width flip up vent along the bottom really moves the air through the cab on hotter days, and a manual wiper comes in really handy when you need it for snow, rain or mud.  

UTVZilla Black Vented Glass windshield RZR Pro XP Turbo R ZL-RZPRO-WS-GLS-BLK-Y

Here you can see with the vent fully open, the vent can scoop A LOT of air to bring into the cab.  I'd put the CFMs up there with anything short of a flip up style windshield!


That's it for our first round of what we'll call the essentials.  Stay tuned for additional articles on our Turbo R!  Part 2 coming soon.