3 Foot NoCo LED Mountain Whips / Pair of Bluetooth & Remote Vertigo Safety Series

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These 3 foot LED whips are made out of a 1/2" composite rod, and are wrapped with 180 ultrabright animated LED's. Plus, they can be controlled from an app right from your phone, or with the handheld RF remote. The highlight to the Vertigo Safety Series whips are the ability to tie them into your brake lights, as well as your turn signals if you have a street legal kit installed. No matter the color or pattern, press the brakes and both whips turn red. Hit that turn signal and the corresponding whip flashes orange. NoCo Whips supports small businesses, therefore our custom fabricated laser engraved quick release bases, as well as our flags, are made locally.

What you will receive with your purchase:

2 - 3 foot animated LED whips

2 - Custom fabricated laser engraved quick release bases

2 - NoCo Whips flags

1 - Bluetooth & Remote "Y" Splitter wiring harness with over 178 different color-changing modes and brake and turn signal function

Lifetime warranty