Basic Drive Clutch Assembly, Part 1323761 Replacement for #: 1323559,1323453,1323365,1323327,1323338,1323352,1323226,1323389

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Polaris Basic Drive Clutch Assembly, Genuine OEM Part 1323761 is designed and tested by Polaris Engineers to ensure durability and quality through hundreds of hours and thousands of miles of field, lab, and validation testing. Explore our range of UTV and ATV accessories and parts and discover the difference that Polaris Engineered products make in your off-road experience. Spend less time wrenching and more time out riding. Polaris has been a leader in the powersports industry for nearly 70 years. Don't settle for anything less than OEM quality.
  • [HIGH QUALITY] Primary Clutch, Part 1323761 and its components are constructed with high-strength materials that provide superior heat dissipation and prevent wear and corrosion to ensure the durability and longevity of your Polaris clutch.
  • [BETTER AIR FLOW] Our primary and secondary clutches provide superb air flow with grooves that act as large fans to pull heat out of the aluminum clutch and the rubber of the Polaris drive belt to ensure the longevity of both parts.
  • [LASER ALIGNMENT] At Polaris, we use lasers to ensure the primary clutch (drive clutch), secondary clutch (driven clutch), and the drive belt are all properly aligned for easy, butter-like shifting of your off-road vehicle.
  • [IMPROVED CLUTCH BALANCE] Small divots on the edge of the primary clutch and sheave of the secondary clutch provide a smoother operating driveline for exceptional balance and prevent pre-mature wearing of your Polaris clutch parts.
  • [GENUINE POLARIS ENGINEERED PARTS MEAN DURABILITY] Your clutch needs to be fully engaged for your vehicle to perform at its best. If your clutch starts to slip, trust Polaris Engineered parts to get your machine performing flawlessly.