CFMoto Zforce & Uforce Models Quick Disconnect Front or Rear Adjustable Sway Bar Links

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This is our first product of many to come for the CFMoto brand UTVs! These fit the Zforce 950. These fit every Zforce & Uforce model SXS. They fit the trail, sport, Ho, Ho Ex, 500, 600, 800, 950, 1000 1000XL. Literally every model that has sway bars!!! 

This is an adjustable Sway Bar Link for either the front or rear! These also come with a quick disconnect clevis pin! Every sway bar kit comes with the quick disconnect pin, you dont need to order it any differently! These come in a PAIR, so if you want them for the front & rear you’ll need to order 2 sets! Quick disconnect pin is a 10mm clevis pin held in with a quick pin. Just pull the pin swing the link over and zip tie or if the way

These are made with 5/8” Chromoly Rod Ends that are Teflon lined for longevity! The 5/8” rod end will give you a tremendous amount strength more than the tiny stock link. Rod ends are Teflon lined to reduce play & increase the length of the life of the rod end! 

Our kit uses an actual bolt instead of a stud which is much easier to remove and install. Bolts are high quality M10 Grade 10.9 paired with hardened high carbon washers and all metal top locking nuts, to insure the hardware never comes loose!