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Fits all 570, 900, 1000, XP / Ranger / Generals

The CryoHeat HD Pinion Shaft Bearing Retainer plate comes with hardware that’s ready to install for only $64.96

The CryoHeat bearing plate is 35% thicker than stock. The plate and hardware have been CryoHeat treated to make them even stronger than before. Additionally, the plate has been Micropolished to get rid of any microscopic stress fractures from manufacturing. These extra steps are the reason why so many racers rely on our products.

The OEM pinion bearing retainer is notorious for malfunctioning and is one of the two weakest components in the Polaris transmission. When it fails, the pinion gear moves away from the snorkel gear and causes immediate damage. Not only will you lose 4WD, but now you have broken metal debris in your transmission getting stuck in between gears. What started off as great weekend will result in being broken down on the trail leaving you with serious damage, and lots of money wasted on what used to be a transmission.

The CryoHeat treated heavy duty HD Pinion Shaft Bearing Retainer is the solution to kick start your confidence to the next level when you combine it with our CryoHeat High-Speed Gear Shim.