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PRP’s most popular suspension seat! With 7″ of containment and just the right seating angle, the GT/S.E. keeps you contained and comfortable while off-road. Medium level containment on the sides keeps you secure when the ride gets rough, but still makes it easy to get in & out of the vehicle.The vinyl-coated nylon suspension liner and dual-density foam decrease the impact on the body, reducing the fatigue you feel after a long day in the dirt or dunes. Improve your ride! Upgrade to the most popular aftermarket RZR suspension seat!


RZR Pro R, Turbo R & Pro XP.

*Note that on RZR Pro R models, seats are bolt in and must be removed to make a belt change. We are currently working on removeable seat mounts for easier belt access on RZR Pro R models.

The 2 Door and 4 Door PRO XP front seats actually have different mounting set-ups (2 Door – the passenger seat is fixed, while the driver seat can slide / 4 Door – both seats can slide). So we offer different adapter mounts depending on which vehicle you have:

  • PRO XP 2 Door Front Seat Mount Kit (Pair)
  • PRO XP 4 Door Front Seat Mount Kit (Pair)
  • PRO XP 4 Door Rear Seat & Bench Mount Kit (Pair) – Rear Seats are 3″ shorter depth to allow for more legroom

These adapters provide a more secure and solid base than the stock plastic release clip, and are included in the total price of the seats. Works with Click 6 Harnesses, with some minor adjustments on 2 door passenger seat. Seats are sold as a pair, with mounts included in the price.