HD Extreme Offroad Polaris Front Differential Magnet Replacement Service

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Need your front differential magnet replaced?  We are here to help you save hundreds over purchasing a new side cover!

For years we have repaired differential magnets with enormous success however, we have also encountered a lot of magnets that were unable to be repaired for various reasons.  Our answer to this was to design and build our own magnet!  With over a year of designing and testing, we have finally designed a magnet for every type of Polaris unit we have encountered and now it is available to you.  This means a faster turn around time than ever before plus hundreds of dollars in savings over purchasing a new side cover for your differential.

Typical turn around time is 2-3 days after we have received your side cover.  This time can vary due to work load but we try to stick to it as closely as possible.  From time to time there are internal failures or other damage so severe, that our new magnets are unable to be installed.  If for any reason your magnet is unable to be replaced, you will be refunded.


  • This is a purchase of a magnet replacement service and you will be required to send your side cover in for the repair/replacement. (We will not send you just a magnet for you to replace as there are special tools and other requirements that must be met that the average person or even shop cannot accomplish.)
  • We HIGHLY suggest you send your armature plate in with your magnet replacement service!  We test every magnet repair/replacement prior to shipment with a good armature plate but to ensure that your armature plate is good we will test the combination of your magnet and armature together to ensure there are no issue requiring some extra machining.
  • After placing your order you can download the shipping instructions here → Magnet Replacement Shipping Instructions 
  • All our differential magnets are designed, tested, and manufactured in house!