Heavy Duty 4 Layer UTV Limit Strap / Limiting Strap

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These are our newest off-road products! They are a Heavy-duty, 4 layer limit straps designed to handle the abuse of off-roading! The metal ends are made of heat treated Chromoly steel and have a 12mm hole. (Can also be easily drilled out to a bigger hole size if needed!)

Limit straps are sold individually! 

Many more sizes to come!

Limit straps are vital in custom suspension setups helping to prevent damage to suspension and drivetrain components. Without limit straps, the force of your vehicle’s unsprung weight can cause damage to shocks when jumping or at high speeds over rough sections. 
They can also be a huge benefit to an OEM style suspension to help alleviate some of the strain that many of the components see during hard riding! 

Limit straps can also prevent damage to your CV joints. All CV joints have a maximum amount of degree of deflection at which they can safely be run. With custom suspension setups. the deflection angle can go farther than the CV joint can handle, resulting in damage, shorter run life, and CV failure. Limit straps can prevent this by reducing the amount of maximum angle on your axles.


  1. Fully droop out your suspension components. (Most times your shock will be what ends up limiting your down travel)
  2. Measure from the center of your upper limit strap mount to the center of your lower limit strap mount. You typically want to have your limit straps stop the suspension 1/4” - 1/2” before it bottoms itself out! Doing this will take the strain off of your other components! 
  3. Take your measurement from step 2 and then subtract 2” from that measurement. This will give you your desired limit strap length! (The reason for subtracting the 2” is because as a general rule of thumb for every 10” of limit strap length you should expect 1” of stretch over time. Meaning that over time the limit strap will permanently stretch due to the weight of the suspension components. 

If you have any questions feel free to contact us and we will get you dialed in!!