Polaris OEM Axle Halfshaft Assembly, Rear, [incl all], Part 1334561 Item #: 1334561

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Complete Rear axle for RZR PRO R


Our OEM front and rear axles—crafted from durable materials—ensure optimal performance on any terrain. The CV axle (half-shaft assembly) is a critical link in your off-road vehicle's drivetrain. Polaris Engineered CV Axles are designed to handle changing riding conditions and to make sure each ride runs as smoothly as the next. Precision-engineered CV joints and axle shafts deliver smooth power transmission while maintaining the integrity of your vehicle's drivetrain. Don't compromise on your powersports axles—choose Polaris CV Axles for reliability and durability. Extreme elements can contribute to axle failure when grease escapes the joint. This usually occurs if the CV boot becomes compromised. Full replacement or part specific available.

Designed and tested by Polaris Engineers to ensure durability and quality through hundreds of hours and thousands of miles of field, lab and validation testing. Explore our range of UTV and ATV accessories and parts and discover the difference that Polaris Engineered Products make in your off-road experience. Spend more time out on the trails and less time indoors. Polaris has been a leader in the powersports industry for nearly 70 years. Don't settle for anything less than OEM quality.