POLARIS PRIMARY Basic Drive Clutch, Part 1323762 Replacement for #: 1323624,1323534

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Item #: 1323762
Replacement for #: 1323624,1323534


Polaris Engineered™ service parts deliver unmatched performance and fit for your vehicle. Each one is meticulously crafted to match your machine and has been extensively tested in the field so you can ride with 100% confidence.

This Polaris 1323762 DRIVE CLUTCH fits the following models and components:

Aftermarket Parts Engine Clutch Clutch Kit

Polaris Side by Side 2020 RZR TURBO S VELOCITY (R01) - Z20P4E92AC-BC DRIVE TRAIN, PRIMARY CLUTCH - Z20P4E92AC/BC (702484)

Polaris Side by Side 2020 RZR XP 4 TURBO S (R02 - Z20P4L92AG-AP-BG-BP-LG DRIVE TRAIN, PRIMARY CLUTCH - Z20P4L92AG/AP/BG/BP/LG (70270

Polaris Side by Side 2020 RZR RS1 (R02) - Z20S1E99AG-AK-BG-BK DRIVE TRAIN, PRIMARY CLUTCH - Z20S1E99AG/AK/BG/BK (C700102-2)

Polaris Side by Side 2020 RZR RS1 PS MD (R01) - Z20S1E99NG DRIVE TRAIN, PRIMARY CLUTCH - Z20S1E99NG (C700102-2)

Polaris Side by Side 2021 RZR RS1 EPS (R01) - Z21S1E99AR/BR DRIVE TRAIN, PRIMARY CLUTCH - Z21S1E99AR/BR (C700102-2)

Polaris Side by Side 2022 RZR RS1 EPS (R01) - Z22S1E99AL/BL DRIVE TRAIN, PRIMARY CLUTCH - Z22S1E99AL/BL (C700102-2)

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