RZR PRO R / TURBO R / PRO XP GPS Swivel Mount For Grab Handle

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This is a brand new product we just developed aimed more towards our racing community! This is a Lowrance GPS mount that clamps to the passenger side grab handle in the newer RZR models. The mount has a large array of different hole options to pivot to allowing the driver to see the GPS from the co-drivers side.

The plastic gps mount that comes with your Lowrance unit is what bolts to the plate that pivots. All necessary hardware will be provided.  

Models this fit include Pro R, Pro XP, Turbo R.

These are great for pre-runners! Also works as a regular very beefy clamp on gps mount. 
To pivot the GPS you just pull the pin and pivot to your desired angle and let the pin go back into the new retaining hole. It’s very simple and very easy to use. 
Will come powder coated satin black.