Folded Metal RZR-S locking cubby door

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This door was designed to give you a secure place inside your RZR-S. It will fit all RZR models that have an upper cubby on the passenger side of the dash (not RZR Pro). It comes with silicone gasket, 3M VHB tape and hardware to mount this in the open cubby on the right side of the dash. It gives you a protected and secure place to store your valuables. Made from powder coated steel plate, it is strong, durable and effective.



  • Cubby door assembly
  • Drill bit
  • Stainless mounting hardware
  • Keys
  • Alcohol wipes
  • Gasket


Install suggestions

(Please read them in their entirety prior to install.   Also please watch the install video to walk through the process)

  1. Remove the rubber cubby netting prior to install.  
  2. Use the supplied alcohol wipe to clean the backside of upper plastic lip that the door top will slide behind.
  3. Dry fit the door without peeling the red VHB tape to ensure placement and fit.  Be careful to not scratch the plastic around the cubby opening.
  4. Peel the red film on the VHB tape and attach the adhesive side to the rear of the cubby lip that was just cleaned with alcohol. Make sure it is centered prior to final placement
  5. Open and close the door to ensure fitment.
  6. Pay attention to the position of the inside screw mounts to ensure the door will close properly.  Once you are comfortable with the position, use the supplied drill bit to drill the plastic and install the 4 screws.
  7. The supplied gasket can be attached to the rear of the cubby door (around the left, right, and lower edges) to help control dust and to tighten the fit of the door and to reduce rattling.