UTV Wolfpack Steering Wheel Carbon Fiber Deep Dish

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This is the one of the Strongest Steering Wheels on the market, When we starting Racing we found that the normal Steering Wheels from suppliers were made for Street cars and the inner frame was thin metal, After bending 10 Name brand Steering Wheels we decided to take it to the next level. We found a great Manufacturer to work with and started to design a Steering Wheel that holds up to Offroad abuse. We had them Use higher strength Stitching in the seems, We also had them thicken the center Frame supports by almost Double what other steering wheels are, And final We made the steering Wheel 13 3/4 Wide for better ability to steer without having to remove hands when turning. These steering Wheels are used by Trophy Truck Racers, Sand Car Drivers, Street Racers and of course UTV Racers and Enthusiasts. 

This steering wheel fits any 6 bolt Hub just like Sparco or Momo

Will Fit any Polaris, Can Am, Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki and any other UTV on the market with the right HUB

Carbon Fiber Deep Dish design with horn button and wires. 

Easy to Install.

Heavy Duty.

Comfortable grip.