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V09 Flow Formed UTV Wheel

The V09 Flow Formed beadlock UTV wheel combines the manufacturing process of both casting and flow forming. The process begins with a gravity casting to form the wheel face and front lip, however the rear barrel is short and thick. The cast face is then put in a rotary machine that spins and heats up the casting, while rollers  press/form the thickened part of the rear barrel into its final width and shape. Through a combination of heat, pressure, and spinning, the process realigns the grain structure and molecular properties of the aluminum alloy, resulting in a much stronger and lighter wheel. This unique hybrid manufacturing technique creates a wheel with a cast spoke face and a flow formed barrel, enhancing the performance at an amazing price point.

The starting weight for the V09 15x7 is 16.96 lbs, and the 17x8 is 20.40 lbs, making both sizes some of the lightest one-piece aluminum wheels in the aftermarket industry.

The V09 beadlock UTV wheel is manufactured using only A356 aluminum with T6 heat treatment for one super strong wheel. Forged 6061 aluminum beadlock ring. Clean twelve spoke design with debossed VALOR "V" logo. Offroad inspired and reinforced inner lip. Engineered to exceed SAE 2530 safety specifications.