Folded Metal Can-Am X3 Clutch Housing Liner

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This clutch case liner is designed to protect the housing on the Can-Am X3.   It is made from 18Ga cold rolled steel or 316 stainless steel.  Our steel liner is stronger than our aluminum liner and should handle more abuse and belt breaks.   We powder coat each steel liner in "Can-Am" colors to match your UTV.   Each liner is laser cut and rolled to fit the inside housing precisely.   Our liner is unique in the way it tabs together.   When installed properly it will widen itself out and hold itself snugly against the walls of your clutch housing.   This liner is thin enough to still change your belt without difficulty.  It can be installed without removing the primary or secondary clutch.  It is easier to bolt in if the belt is removed.  All units are new, "B" stock units are functionally perfect, but will have imperfections in the powder coat. (Does not include plastic clutch housing)


  • Steel liner
  • Drill bit
  • Stainless mounting hardware